Day: June 9, 2021

Adventure Travel

Egyptian Adventures – More Than Pyramids and Sphinx

However, there is more to Egyptian adventures than just hieroglyphs (ancient Egyptian writing) and mummies. Though the history of Egypt is certainly rich and worth-learning about, there are also a huge list of things to do that caters to active travellers. Climbing mountains, diving and fishing, exploring and trekking, are some of the many things […]

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Travel Planning

Get Fascinated by Enjoying the Best Views in London

London is one of the most popular cities in Europe and boasts of some impressive tourist attractions. While you are planning to go for a trip to London, you could not just afford to miss out visiting some places. Travelling in London is not that difficult owing to its quick transportation systems. You could avail […]

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Pop Up Tent – The Shade Shack Review

This pop up tent is very similar to other tent models out there such as the “Suma”, because it comes with many standard features such as the Ultra Violet rays protection and few other stabilizers (to withstand the wind, etc). Another main attraction is its light weight which is around five pounds. Again after considering […]

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