Day: June 18, 2021

Adventure Travel

Top 7 Tips for an Adventurous Malaysia Trip

Malaysia is a paradise for many tourists. It is a place which offers endless adventure and opportunities to its visitors. That is why many do not hesitate to buy that air ticket to Malaysia and enjoy. Air fares to the country are usually discounted, as implemented by major airline companies. But what exactly are the […]

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Car Rentals

Car Hire – Lanzarote

These days who is not trying to save money? This includes planning and budgeting for vacation. One of the larger expenses after airfare and hotel can be car hire, or as we say in the United States, car rental. As I am all for saving money, I urge people to forgo a car rental in […]

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Travel Planning

What Is a “Look and See Trip” – And How to Prepare For It

A “look and see trip” (or look-see trip) is a service that is some times provided by companies to singles or families that are moving abroad on an expatriate contract. The purpose of this trip is for the individual or family to see, feel and experience the country and region that they may be moving […]

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How to Choose a Camping Stove

When it’s time to purchase camping gear there are many things to consider. How often do you plan on upgrading your equipment or replacing it? If you’re like me, I like to buy quality, knowing that what I buy will last a few years. When you buy camping stoves the same applies. I decided to […]

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