Even In The Promotion of Its Culture China Is Leading, Why?

China is getting a huge amount of revenue from the tourism industry. This industry has flourished in the past few years. Many people from around the world come here to visit this country which has a strong historical background. The visitors enjoy the rich cultural activities and the hospitality of the local people. Many people are curious to know the glorious history of this great country. Thousands of people come here to just enjoy the delicious food and the best dining experience. Moreover, there are many wonderful places to visit like Hong Kong, Shanghai and many more. You are undoubtedly never going to forget your trip to this wonderland.

Historical Places in China       

Visitors who are interested to visit historical places, then they should plan a trip to Beijing. This city is well-known for its ancient places and beautiful temples. The Great Wall of China is a landmark of great architecture. This masterpiece was built by the great Emperor to protect the state from the enemy. You can also have a chance to visit the home of the Ming and Qing which was a no-go area in ancient times. The people are amused by the great artwork done in this city.

Shanghai World Financial Center is a 492 meters tall building. It is the third tallest building in the world. The TV Tower called Oriental pearl tower is known for its unusual shape and design. So don’t wait and plan your tour with Snir Hananya. In this tower, there are many shopping malls and food chains for the enjoyment of the people. People can capture the beautiful view from the top of the skyscraper. Moreover, The Yu Garden is a wonderful garden that consists of different styles of architecture and beauty.

The Great Wall of China

This beautiful wall is unique and one of its kind. It is the center of attraction for tourists. It is said that “Nobody can be a true hero unless he has been on the great wall”. This wall is six thousand kilometers long and it is also known as the Long Wall. Many fortresses can be seen along with this wall. It is sixteen meters high and this wall is too wide. Many visitors come here to see the glory of great Emperors who fought several wars and enjoyed the victory. You can plan your visit and you can visit here by local bus or by private transport. There are many guides who can help you to find the best places to visit at very affordable rates.

Li River

This beautiful river is surrounded by mountains. Its water is crystal clear and pure. Many people come here to capture the natural beauty and awesome weather. The visitors also like to take pictures of this amazing sight. This place has been an inspiration for poets and storytellers for many years. You can book a tour on a cruise to see the spell bounding sceneries of this area. Here, you can find many ancient caves and old rocks. To add more adventure to your tour you can have a ride on the bamboo punts. It is fun to ride on these local boats made from bamboo sticks.

The Remaining Few Living Pandas

In China you can find innocent Pandas, you can find them in every zoo in this country. There are many Research centers for the preservation of this beautiful species. For instance, you can find many pandas in Chengdu which is a research center that is located in Sichuan. Many pandas live there and they do different activities like playing, eating, and other activities in a home-like environment. Many programs are also held here in which you can get complete information regarding the preservation of this unique species. You can buy a cheap ticket to see this interesting program that is specially arranged for the visitors.

You must visit this place in the morning because at that time these wonderful animals are more active and friendly. You can volunteer as well to feed and take care of these cute creatures.

Get ready and pack your bags because great Culture and Tourism is awaiting you in China.