Exploring South India’s Wildlife

Most people have a fascination for the animal life of this planet. Some prefer those that are domesticated, while others are more attracted to those that live in the wild. It is unfortunate that a huge portion of the areas where animals used to roam free have now been made into commercial areas and the only place where children can actually be exposed to the wild are either through the local zoo, or the Discovery channel.

Sometimes controlled environments are just not enough, and those who find zoos too tame for their taste find it comforting that there is still South India Tourism that can satisfy their desire to see the animals in its natural habitat. India, being a huge country as it is, has not been able to develop all the areas within its borders, and when it realized that so many treasures could be lost by developing everything, the leaders of the country decided to keep certain areas reserved for their wildlife.

South India Tour Packages may take you to many places, and one of the states that you may land in would be Kerala. Here you may decide to satisfy your craving to see wild elephants in action, and you may do this by visiting the Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary. This is 77 square kilometers of wild land, famous for the herds of elephants that roam the grounds. While touring the area, you may also be lucky to see some of the jungle cats that live within the sanctuary’s borders.

Not all the South India Tourist Places dedicated to wildlife are actually reserves. Of course there are those that have been developed in order to protect both the animals within, as well as the visitors. Such is the Crocodile bank that is located in Tamil Nadu. This particular area was created in order to protect the dangerous reptiles from becoming extinct. In currently houses over 5,000 species of alligators and crocodiles, and allows tourists to watch the reptiles from a distance that is safe for both men and animals.

Another place to visit in Tamil Nadu, usually included in any South India Tour Package within the months of January to April, would be the Kunthakulam Bird Sanctuary. The main place to visit here would be a small town that is surrounded by lush, green forests. What makes it so special during the early part of each year is that birds from as far as the United States travel to this place in order to escape the cold. Any bird lover can stay days here and not get bored, because each day would bring a sighting of a bird from an entirely different country.

There are so many areas that can be visited for your South India travel. It would pay to go through every little item that you can find from your travel agent in order to make sure that you get the right South India Tour Package for your vacation. Although some areas may seem to be similar in definition, the truth is that each location that one may visit would be an entirely different experience altogether. The danger of traveling to this country is that one may want to extend the vacation for months on end.