Fun Facts About Australia Worth Enjoying

In many ways, Australia is a funny country. Its history greatly contrasts with the present. Its geography is very strange, with almost every kind of terrain and its people are white which always puzzled me since it is so far away from Europe or the US! However I finally decided to hit the books and find out why, but along the way, I came across these other fun facts about Australia that you might find interesting.

Australia has one of the longest coastlines in the world, given its large size. Its coastlines stretch more than 50,000 kilometers, containing more than 10,000 beaches, more than any other country in the world. The beach plays a very important part in the lifestyles of Australians — 85% of who live within 50 kilometers of the sea. No doubt Australians have a much more laid back lifestyle!

Australia is the largest producer of opals in the world. It produces more than 95% of the world’s opals and contains more than 95% of the world’s black opal supply. The focal point of opal production is the quirky town in South Australia, Coober Pedy. It’s the place where the world’s largest opal was found in 1990, weighing 5.27 kilograms.

Given that the Gold Rush in Australia ended more than a century ago, Australia is still a major producer of gold. Kalgoorlie, which is in Western Australia, is the largest producer of gold in the country.

Australia has the world’s largest flock of sheep and given that the country houses a low population, the sheep greatly outnumber the people. Also, there are around 25 million cattle in Australia. Due to these statistics, the country is the world’s largest producer of wool and is also the world’s largest exporter of beef.

Australia is the home to the world’s largest coral reef, the Great Barrier Reef. However the reef is threatened due to global warming as increasing temperatures are generally harmful for sea life. The reef houses a number of other world records as well given that its size itself is a world record. The world’s largest oyster was found there, weighing around 3 kilos. Moreover, the world’s longest earthworm was also found in Australia, measuring more than 4 meters!

The Australia Flag is one of the few flags in the world to have an entire copy of another country’s flag inside it which is the Union Jack (the flag of Great Britain).