Meet New People and Have a Great Day Out in London Museums

The secret when meeting people and developing friendships with them is to meet new people with whom you have interests in common. You have to allow time for a friendship to grow as you gradually learn more about people and work out whether your interests are compatible. That is what makes museums great places to meet new people as you will be coming into contact with people who are interested in the subject of the museum, just like you are! Also, being in a museum environment with plenty to see and do helps you relax and stave off boredom or the anxiety to rush a friendship as you get to know people. Thankfully, London is home to over two thousand museums. Many are free to enter and most of them are also an opportunity for you to get out and meet new people when you have to take care of the kids.

So let’s have a look at some of the best London museums where you can meet new people who are your potential life-long friends.

The British Museum

This eighteenth century museum is probably one of the most famous in England, if not the world. It is also proud of the fact that it has offered free entry ever since it opened in 1753. Some of the museum’s highlights include The Rosetta Stone, the Elgin Marbles, Egyptian mummies and Easter Island statues. That has not even scratched the surface of the things you can see in this museum. It would take you a year to see everything, so that would give you plenty of opportunity to return and meet new people also interested in history and archaeology.

The Museum of London

Opened in 2010, this museum of seven permanent exhibitions offers a view of London from prehistoric times to the end of the nineteenth century. If your family history is in and around London you would find this a fascinating place to visit for yourself, regardless of whether you meet new people with who you want to form friendships.

However, you should give it a go. Just start talking to the people next to you in the museum. You don’t have to be knowledgeable. In this situation, asking a question might be just as helpful as imparting some information when you meet new people.

Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A)

The Victoria and Albert Museum offers a vast array of artefacts, some of which date back over three thousand years. Textiles, ceramics, furniture, jewellery, paintings and sculpture are just some of the things you’ll see here. It is also a good place to visit if you are interested in modern fashion, which is also displayed here and can be a great talking point from which to meet new people and strike up a conversation with them. We all remember fashion trends from throughout our lives and have opinions in them. You would definitely have something to talk about when you meet new people at the V&A.

Foundling Museum

Something a little heavier but nevertheless fascinating is the Foundling Museum. It tells the story of the Foundling Hospital, the original home for London’s abandoned children. It offers great insight into three important people from British history: the hospital’s founder, Thomas Coram, William Hogarth the artist, and the composer, George Frideric Handel.

Visiting any of these London museums, you have a wonderful opportunity to meet new people. You can then suggest a sit down for a cup of tea or coffee and maybe even a slice of cake. Most of the museums have coffee shops and even if they don’t, you can find comfortable and affordable coffee shops all over London; these coffee shops are themselves great place to meet new people!