Bed and Breakfasts for Business Travel

In recent years, Bed and Breakfast Inns have become popular as a quaint, home away from home lodging for the vacationing traveler. For some who travel alone, a Bed and Breakfast offers a secure feeling in a tranquil setting. And, for those who travel for business, it is a relaxing haven after a hectic day of business and meetings.

There are very few destinations where Bed and Breakfasts are not listed in the accommodation section of the local telephone book. If business takes you to a rural location there is a greater chance there will be a Bed and Breakfast in the area before a motel or hotel.

Farms, working ranches, acreage owners, rural and city families are all diversifying their daily lives to incorporate a Bed and Breakfast business into their homes. Each providing a comfortable retreat for vacationing and more importantly, for those traveling on business.

The home, the host and the location all make sure that the accommodations will vary at every Bed and Breakfast. Heritage buildings offer a characteristic charisma of their own. Often the hosts will play on the historical side decorating with antiques and collectable items. Memorabilia used will bring back memories of childhood times visiting Grandparents and stories of days gone by. Modern homes may offer a chic clean edgy feel and others may offer rooms which are no different than those we would find in our own homes. It is common in all of these settings to have access to the internet; however, this should be confirmed prior to making reservations if this is a requirement needed while away on business.

Some Bed and Breakfasts may offer refreshments in your room and often as not there is a common area for guest to prepare beverages and have a light snack should they choose to do so. Most will also offer a selection of books, movies and board games for your use as well.

Be prepared for a wonderful breakfast. Here, too, the Bed and Breakfasts normally will offer a selection of foods and will be more than accommodating in looking after any dietary needs. Courtesy prevails here. Make any culinary requests when booking the reservation to ensure all needs are looked after.

If business requires that you leave before breakfast will be served, inquire with your host when making the reservations, regarding items of food you may be able to take with you such as baked goods or fruit and a beverage to take in your go-cup.

The morning meal at a Bed and Breakfast is a perfect time to network with others who are staying there. These people may be on business as well or vacationers traveling from all parts of the world and all walks of life. Interesting conversation and connections have been known to transpire during the time it takes to eat your morning meal at a Bed and Breakfast.

Bed and Breakfasts are not hotels or motels. Therefore, there should be no expectation to drive up to the Bed and Breakfast of your choice and presume there will be a room available for you. These accommodations are booked months in advance and in some instances years and they may have black- out periods as well.

After a day of traveling or board room meetings, avoid disappointment and plan ahead by making your reservations online or by telephone before starting your travels.