6 Things to Bring With You to Make Camping More Luxurious

If you like being outdoors, but aren’t really the outdoorsy type this list should help make you feel more comfortable camping. The six items on this list are easy ways to add a bit of luxury to your camping trips.

1 — Spices! And other nice food. Camping doesn’t have to be hot dogs over the fire (though this is fun, too). You can get a cooking stove, bring some nice spices, and some nicer meals along with you for a much nicer experience overall. Food is the easiest way to add a little luxury to your trip.

2 — A battery powered fan will keep the air circulating in your tent at night, add a little white noise, and make you generally feel more comfortable in your tent. These fans are easy to find and bring with you, and are a great little way to make a big difference to your experience.

3 — Having some candles around can really make things feel fancier. You get a nice light setting, a nice smell, and they’re easy to set up.

4 — Two room tents are definitely the more luxurious way to go. For one thing, you can stand up in them. You’ll feel like you have a lot more room in a comfortable, indoor space. You can fit a larger sleeping area and have an area to stand while getting dressed. This greatly improves the overall experience.

5 — Good coffee, or even a mini espresso maker will make your mornings a lot nicer! There’s no time you feel more like you’re out in the woods than when you wake up in the morning and realize where you are, so make sure it’s a good time! Get up to a nice cup of your favorite drink in a nice mug, curl in a comfortable chair with a blanket, and stare out at the lovely scenery you’ve come all this way to see.

6 — The most comfortable air mattress you find will make camping a lot nicer, even if luxury isn’t your overall goal for this trip. As mentioned above the mornings are key to setting the tone for your day. If you wake up after sleeping on a rock all night you’re going to already be off to a bad start. Waking up on a comfortable, raised, flock top air mattress can certainly make your morning a lot more enjoyable, right from the start.