Good Camping Gear is a Must For Good Camping Trips

Are you planning on going camping in the great outdoors anytime soon? If so, you are going to need to have some very basic gear with you in order to make “roughing it” more bearable and maybe even pleasant. Yes, you are going to find some people out there that are going to say that you do not need much more than a sleeping bag, a tarp/covering and a few basic utensils to make a good camping trip. But for most, a few more items will make the trip much more pleasurable.


One of the things that many campers will tell you is an absolute must have item when camping is a Good Tent! Sometimes there is nothing better than having a good stout tent to protect you from the wind, the cold and the rain/weather. Then there are going to be others that say that they can make it with only an insulated sleeping bag and a tarp to keep the wind/snow/rain off of them. Whichever way you tend to think, you definitely need to know that you ca depend upon what is covering you.

Sleeping bag

As with a tent, a sleeping bag is pretty much an essential item of camping gear. The challenge is to find the sleeping bag that really suits your needs. Do you want/need a sleeping bag that is insulated? Are you better off getting one that is not insulated but rather is down filled? Whichever one you choose is completely up to you. You need to buy the type of sleeping bag that is going to suited to the environment that you are camping out in. You might be wisest to buy one of each so that you are covered both ways.

Stove, Plates and Eating Utensils

When you are camping out you are going to need to have these things so that you can cook and eat: plate(s), forks and spoons and knives – eating utensils, a camp stove to cook with and other kitchen necessities. You might not think that having a camp stove is necessary if you plan on cooking all of your meals on/over an open fire or cooking pot. You are definitely going to need to have plates to eat from and utensils to eat with though. You will need something to drink out of as well.

Other Assorted Gear

Some other things that you are going to need are small things like a canteen and a good map of the area that you are going to. You might not even think about it; however you would be wise to carry some aluminum foil as well as plastic wrap and storage containers. If you have a single base camp, you also might want to have a cooler/ice chest along with you to keep your cold foods cold while you are camping. Finally, you will need either a shovel or a portable camping toilet to use when camping.