How to Choose a Camping Stove

When it’s time to purchase camping gear there are many things to consider. How often do you plan on upgrading your equipment or replacing it? If you’re like me, I like to buy quality, knowing that what I buy will last a few years. When you buy camping stoves the same applies. I decided to buy the best camping stove to meet my needs. I use 2 types of stoves for tent camping when you can drive close to your campsite. I use another type of stove for backpack camping, where you’re more interested in a small and lightweight model for heating things up.

Important considerations in choosing the right camping stove for your use are where you’ll be camping and how many people you’ll be cooking for? For tent camping in a campground area, the two-burner propane or white gas stoves work well. I use a two-burner stove that uses white gas and a single burner propane stove. This set-up works well for a family of 4 or 5. The two-burner white gas stove works great for cooking, since it is easier to control the flame and does not burn as hot. The single burner propane stove works great for heating water for hot drinks and for washing water – both for personal hygiene and washing/rinsing dishes.

Many lightweight stoves come with a push button ignition. However, always bring water-proof matches and a camping lighter as a back-up.

Most lightweight stoves come with a carrying case to protect them when they’re being stored and packed.

Each type of stove has its own fuel needs. Make sure you bring enough of the right kind of fuel for your usage needs. The types of fuels are: propane, butane, isobutene, and white gas.

Most fuel types can be used for lanterns as well as for stoves. Make sure you get stoves and lanterns that use the same type of fuel to make life easier.

Having the right camping stoves for your situation will definitely add to your camping enjoyment, but if you don’t have the right cooking equipment it could ruin what should be a fantastic time.