Pop Up Tent – The Shade Shack Review

This pop up tent is very similar to other tent models out there such as the “Suma”, because it comes with many standard features such as the Ultra Violet rays protection and few other stabilizers (to withstand the wind, etc). Another main attraction is its light weight which is around five pounds. Again after considering many other products this is a very “light” pop up tent and come highly recommended for kids and adults.

Among the other accessories that comes with it includes a video setting up guide which is again something that we won’t see much often with other tents. However thanks to the Internet, anyone can easily search and find video-guides for almost any model nowadays using web services such as the YouTube for example. The dimensions are as follows, the length is around 88-89″, width of 53″ and the height (51″). The Shade Shack is suitable not only for sandy-beaches but also can be used to get some outdoor experience in places such as your backyard or as far as on a top of a mountain. But in my opinion this is more likely a shade-type pop up tent and can be used while having meals in occasions such as a picnic (it can easily facilitate 2 kids + 2 adults).

You can use the side pouches for filling up some sand (to make the tent firmly in touch with the ground). This is especially very useful if you set it up near a beach where heavy winds are unavoidable. But after saying all that one of my biggest disappointment was the absent of a floor. This is more likely a picnicking tent, so if you want to camp and spend the night inside of a pop up tent then this is definitely not for you. Anyhow the atmosphere inside it was very comforting. This was mainly due to the airflow which was excellent.

When it comes to privacy this won’t be a good choice either. The main entrance is always open (unless if you use something like a canvas to cover it up). The “backdoor” can be closed and open pretty easily thanks to the zippers. The height is reasonable and the width is also enough to set up a chair and enjoy while reading a book or to take a quick nap. Apart from using sandbags you can use the provided stakes for additional stabilizing purposes.

Anyhow, in my honest opinion it’s very difficult to make a final conclusion. Because after considering some of its shortcomings such as the negation of the canvas floor which pretty much wipe out the possibility of using this pop up tent for spending nights and enjoy some stars at night, but if all you want is just a shading unit then this won’t disappoint you either.