Car Hire Guide at the La Gomera Airport

If you want to know what the most advanced airport is over at the Canary Islands, the La Gomera Airport is it. La Gomera may not be the most famous island in the region but it has the most modern airport all around. Its airport is fairly new, as it opened only in 1999. Even so, the airport has everything that a traveler may need – from a modern runway to souvenir shops and cafeterias. The La Gomera Airport is still considered a part of Spain and it sits thirty-four kilometers from the San Sebastian town center.

The La Gomera Airport belongs to the Alajero municipality. To get in and out, travelers should use the link road at the TF-713 Highway. This is also the motorway that connects Alajero and San Sebastian Playa de Santiago together. As for the buses, there are two of them that service the area. One route would take you to San Sebastian while the other takes the route towards Valle Gran Rey.

For those who don’t want to take the buses, the taxi is next best option. Hail a one to take you just about anywhere in the island. Taxis charge in euros and the existing tariff rates change as per the day and the time that the taxi is hailed. The day rates are lower than the rates at night. Taxis also charge extra during the weekends and holidays.

If taxis and buses are not good enough, your last choice – and the best one at that – is a rented car. Three international car hire providers have offices inside airport. They can help you rent the car that you need. Europcar, Avis, and Cicar are always ready for your car hire needs.

They also maintain web portals and have online affiliates that can help you greatly. In fact, booking your car through the internet is the more convenient option, as it allows you to reserve the car that you need days before you arrive. By consulting with their online partners, you don’t have to drop by their offices at the airport and fill up forms only when you get here. Instead, you can simply ask for your key and drive the car that you rented, which is conveniently parked just outside the terminal.