How to Get the Most Out of Your Discount Car Rental

It is not all that hard to find discount car rental if you can spend a little time and do your research well. Depending on the time you need your vehicle, provided it’s not a peak period or holiday team, it is possible to negotiate with your rental agency to get a better rate. You should not however depend on just one car rental company. Search online for the smaller agencies in your area where your chances of getting a discount are much better, than with a larger agency.

Following are a few guidelines to find the best discount car rentals:

• Search, search and search until you find all the car rental agencies in town that can be approached for a discount. You can go through the local newspapers, go through the yellow pages, browse the web sites or even check your junk mail where you might suddenly come across special deals and discount coupons for vehicles.

• Plan your travel early. This way you have all the time in the world to make a thorough check to find the best deals. If you find something that you think is reasonable, you can make a tentative reservation to be confirmed at a later date. If you come across something better later on, you can always cancel the earlier one, especially if no advance payment was made. Booking early might also be a way or negotiating for a better rate since rental agencies like to give discounts to early bookers.

• If you are traveling overseas and wish to have your car ready to be picked up when you arrive, try to arrange for the car to be picked up from a convenient location in town. Getting the rental agency to bring the car to the airport to pick you up is an unnecessary waste of money because in most cases airports provide free shuttle service from the airport to the place where your car has to be picked up.

• Inquire from your discount car rental whether they have special weekly rates as opposed to daily rates. A weekly rate could be cheaper than if you had to pay the daily rate for say, 5 days.

• Some companies offer special corporate rates for large companies. Inquire and see if you are entitled to a corporate rate.

• If you are a member of the Automobile Association or any other organization that offers discounts to their members, you might be lucky if the particular discount car rental has a partnership with them.

• Try to get the smallest car they have, provided it has sufficient space for whoever is traveling with you plus whatever luggage you have. The smaller and unspectacular looking the car is, the lesser you have to pay. If they don’t have one available at that time, you might get lucky if they decide to give you a free upgrade to the next best (small) car available.

Get the best discount car rental possible by following the above tips and you will end up having saved much more than you ever thought possible.