Mini Golf Course Builder

One of the main things to consider while building a mini golf course is the fact that you have to make the whole process of playing a lot more interesting. Your golf course should bring people to play in it again. This can be done only if you have certain unique characteristics in your golf course that excite the player while using them. It becomes very important for the golf course builder to put together all the possible natural and manmade elements that go into the making of the golf course in an exciting, natural way to capture the excitement of the golfer.

Many mini golf course builders go for courses with a theme. This works well if you are maybe building the golf course in a resort because you are going to get a lesser number of repeat visitors. Builders opt for landscapes, waterfalls, rivers and streams for themes such as these. It helps attract the resort visitors to the course. Building a theme mini golf course does not go well if you are building it in a non – resort area. This is because repeat visitors get tired of the same theme quickly. Here importance should be given to making the holes more challenging for the players. The best thing about going in for natural landscaping is that it is much cheaper to make changes to this later if need be. Also you tend to spend much less on the maintenance of the course.

One of the most important things to consider while building a course are the buffers – these involve 3 basic things – streams, landscapes and elevation. Players find it interesting as well as challenging while they play among streams and waterfalls. They act as a good buffer by separating the holes and also make the game trickier. Landscaping is also most advantageous; this is because along with providing a natural setting and adding natural beauty to the area it also functions as a buffer.

Elevation provides the users with a more challenging game to play and makes them want to return to the game more than once. In fact the world record for mini golf has been 18 strokes on 18 holes. This has become a feat that can now be accomplished and you have about 1000 world players who have achieved this record.

Another very exciting variation in the area of mini golf courses is the glow in the dark miniature golf courses which are gaining a lot of popularity all over the world. This has become famous especially in cold countries where playing golf outdoors becomes difficult. This can be played easily throughout the year and since you are playing this indoors you can control the climate inside as well. Interestingly there are also portable golfways and tracks that can be set up indoors and outdoors. These are generally used during a particular fair or a social event. Importantly all the designs have to be approved by the World Minigolf Federation and they need to be checked to see if they are suitable for play.