Appreciate Nature With NcStar 16×60 Black Binoculars

Are you a nature lover? Would you like to enjoy the beauty of nature as far as your eyes can see? When it comes to nature, only one type of binocular comes to mind. That is the NcStar 16×60 Black Binoculars.

Why NcStar you say? Over 11 years ago, NcStar’s aim is to provide and produce reasonably priced, original optics that were built to the highest standards and at the same time designed to deliver a lifetime satisfaction for its user. With that you will be assured that this kind of binocular can last a long time in ways that you can even hand it over to your grandchildren as your legacy. Now that’s worth every penny. NcStar is commonly preferred not only by nature lovers and wildlife observers but also other professional users, and the military forces around the world. With this kind of craftsmanship, who wouldn’t want one?

The NcStar 16×60 Black Binocular’s lenses are multi coated that reduces reflection and makes the most out of the external light. It is made from high quality glass with prism that is BAK-4 rated which makes images being observed clear and crisp. It has center focus controls which lets you adjust lighting to enhance the image being viewed. It has a full range of magnification sizes for many specific uses depending on your choice. This binocular is nitrogen filled and O-ring sealed for a more well-defined image. A new feature for this type of NcStar binocular is that it is compatible with a tripod adapter. It also comes with a soft carry case, neck strap, and lens caps. That’s a full package deal.

Its magnification is up to 16 x with an object diameter of 60mm with a porro type prism. It has a ruby lens coating with an exterior finish of classy black. It weighs 5.00 pounds and is about 9.10 inches in length.

Having this on your nature trips will make the experience more memorable and breathtaking. So next time you plan on going out to do bird watching or just appreciate nature, NcStar 16×60 Black Binocular is your best companion.