Finding the Difference Between a Golf GPS System and Golf Laser Rangefinders

If you are still planning to buy a distance monitoring machine for golf, you might be confused whether to choose one equipped with a golf GPS system or just be contented with a laser rangefinder. Both helps you get accurate measurements that you need in the golf course however you need to select the best tool to have the edge in the game. There are many factors that you have to consider in your mind like the price, convenience of use, and accessibility to be able to come up with the best choice. But still, the ultimate factor you have to prioritize is choosing the tool that serves its purpose best.


A golf GPS system doesn’t require you to aim a laser at the target to get the exact distance. This is of great advantage when your target is not within your view. There are times when your target is above you as in a slope or a bush hides it from your view.


Since you are not aiming to a target, you don’t need to stabilize your hand in using a golf GPS unit. It shows the reading regardless of how you hold it and doesn’t need an accurate eye line up as you would with a laser rangefinder.

Acquiring a Target:

There’s no need to get a focus to acquire a target in a GPS system. You can just take a glance on this tool to get yardage measurement. Getting the distance of an object may sometimes be hard when using a rangefinder especially when it picks up distances of its nearby background like a tree instead.

Yardage Measurement:

Golf GPS systems don’t only give you the distance yardage but the complete distance measurement both in the front and back of the greens. This helps medium to low handicap golf players to choose their club much better.

Confidence is very much importance for a golf player. And it wouldn’t help to use a tool with so many restrictions for it would give you rooms to doubt. By using a golf GPS system unit, it would suffice for a player to glance at the readings and have more focus on the game. As you hit the ball correctly and improve your score, it gives you added confidence to win in the game.