Hiking the Palm Springs Indian Canyons

The Palm Springs Indian Canyons is an outdoor adventure for the active traveler. Located in Palm Springs, California the Palm Springs Indian Canyons consist of three trails to choose from: Palm Canyon, Andreas Canyon, and Murray Canyon. Each with its own personality and obstacles.

Murray Canyon is the easiest of the three to hike and is a simple trek from Andreas Canyon. There are both foot and equestrian trails that lead to the beautiful recreation areas that lay among thousands of palm trees. If you are lucky and keep your eyes open, you might just catch a glimpse of an endangered species, the Peninsula Big Horn Sheep. There are also mule deer and other wild animals that roam the high ground above the canyon. Murray Canyon is less visited and has a secluded beauty that must be seen to be appreciated.

Andreas Canyon has a half-mile radius that beckons the desert-weary traveler to this lush oasis with contrasting greens of the magnificent fan palms and over 150 species of plants that will keep your camera busy. Andreas provides a scenic foot trail that leads through the canyon passing groves of skirted palms, unusual rock formations and the Andreas creek. Andreas provides a tranquil setting that is excellent for photography, bird watching, or just a quiet picnic with the person you love at one of the many tables along the trail.

The last of three is the fifteen-mile long Palm Canyon. Palm Canyon. It has indigenous flora and fauna which are a breathtaking contrast to the stark rocky gorges and barren desert land beyond. Palm Canyon is equipped with a moderately graded, paved foot path that winds down into the canyon for picnicking near the stream, meditating under the sun, exploring the formations, hiking or horseback riding through the terrain. Also, there is a trading post to visit for hiking maps, refreshments, Indian art & artifacts, books, jewelry, pottery and conversational cultural lore.

The Indian Canyons are open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. October through July and then July through September open on weekends only. The prices vary from adults, seniors, children and equestrian should you want to ride on four legs.

The Palm Springs Indian Canyons is a must for the adventure traveler on your next Palm Springs vacation.