Ski Vacation Packages – Top 3 Considerations

If you have made it this far, you most likely have decided that a ski vacation is necessary in your near future and well, that’s the first and biggest step towards a great time, congratulations! Now the bulk of this article will cover the three major considerations for your coming ski vacation package, however the overall concern that will affect everything is of course expense. The cost/benefit ratio for travel distance, renting or buy and lodging convenience will be addressed.

1) Travel Distance, convenience Vs. Crowd control

One of the most important decisions you will make regarding your ski vacation package is which resort you should go to. Why go to Vail and not Aspen? A few major concerns for this would be distance. How far are you willing to travel, miles equals money. If you have decided to purchase airfare and are flying to say Colorado from South Dakota you will most likely, for expense sake be coming into Denver International Airport. Then renting a vehicle and riding the I-70 interstate into the Rockies. Vail is roughly an hour and a half drive where as Aspen is closer to three. So after a long flight a long drive can be made much longer. The lesson here is to take a look at a map. Decide how close or far you think you will be willing to go. Another consideration here would be atmosphere. Aspen is farther away, therefore more secluded, which sounds great right? More fresh powder for you and your family. But say your going with a few college buddies instead now Vail might be the better choice exactly for the opposite reason, it has more people and therefore a more lively nightlife and yes less pretention. The next thought needs to be on transportation. How are the road systems? Is there busses and trains for transporting to and from the lifts?

2) Renting skies Vs. Buying.

This is important because it can give you some headaches later on. If you already own your own equipment go ahead and skip this consideration. But for everyone else remember if your traveling by air you will be checking in an extra bag, which is getting pretty pricey these days, 25-50 dollars a bag from most airliners. Also ski and snowboard bags are oversized and usually take extra time to check in and get back out. These days most ski rental stores have excellent gear and great prices. So probably the most important thought here for the ease of your ski vacation headaches would be to research where in relation to your lodging the store you are renting gear from is. The closer to the resort the better, however the more expensive it will probably be.

3) Lodging convenience Vs. price

Again price is the major concern here. Ski in ski out refers to lodging with your ski vacation package that is located in such a place to allow you to ‘Ski in and out’. Pretty much the lift will be right outside your door if the lodging is ski in and ski out. However distance means money. So again take a look at map and decide how far your willing to travel in relation to how much money you want to spend. Realize also that if you end up 10 miles from the resort you will spend money driving to and from the resort everyday and most likely paying for parking. The same holds true with food. If you go with ski in ski out, at lunch time you can just head down the mountain to grab a bite to eat, however if your miles away expect to eat at the resort, and believe me that costs!

In the end the most important thing is to remember to have fun and relax!