Dream Is a Serious Thing

March is the month of expectation. Gradually we begin to ease back winter’s grey blanket and stick our noses out to sniff the air for signs of the forthcoming spring.

It’s time to dream and make plans. As children we played away happily and with no feeling for time. Lost in thought in new pictures and dreams, we became aware of the morning dew, the warm midday sun, the colours of the flowers, voices, noises and the fragrance of life. Adults should also dream a lot more. But what are we searching for? Who are we? What drives us on in our search? Where do we feel at home? It’s the longing that doesn’t allow us to rest, the knowledge, that “something else” is there. The longing for oneness and the recognition of who we really are. I find this really intensive in this day and age.

Have you ever taken a trip that opened your mind and changed your life forever? Some trip, that was so much more than just sleeping in, permanent sunshine, the sound of strange languages, eating something completely different or allowing yourself to be a different person? Get to the places that inspire you visually, creatively and energetically. I encourage you to do this. You will awaken your inner strength and bring more passion into your life! This is the strength which burns in your soul. Passion changes your life, as it always changes yourself. It makes us into better people, allows us to grow and ripen, and sometimes it even changes the whole world. As you observe and interact with different cultures (in your own country or abroad), your awareness expands. And when that happens, you begin seeing new possibilities for yourself and for your life. There’s nothing like new surroundings and the beauty that is there to welcome creative new ideas. New tastes, new sounds, new smells, new visual stimulation. As you drink it all in, you become a sponge soaking in all that is new. I think there’s a direct connection between those kinds of sensual experiences and “new thought.” Possibilities show themselves that were hidden before when you are experiencing things in new and delightful ways. So go on a journey!

Where are you going later on this year? It’s now the right time to secure the very best places for yourself! Dream it. Do it.

To live is to be rich!