Exploring Venice and Naples

If you’re thinking of a bit of summer travelling, Italy is the ideal place to choose. With such beautiful countryside and equally stunning ancient cities, there are few places in Europe that have such mas appeal.

When planning an itinerary for travelling, Italy has many cities that lend themselves to and extensive exploration. Two such cities are Venice and Naples – very different, but both spectacular in their own right. Be sure to give both these Italian gems your undivided attention and you will be well rewarded.


As the capital of the Veneto region, Venice is a must see for anyone travelling to Italy. The canal city sits on a marshy lagoon and is made up of a group of islands that, some say, are sinking slightly more each year. Despite this shadow, the city itself is truly magical. It actually has a history that dates back beyond what is considered to be the traditional founding, when the first church was built on the site in 421AD. With palaces and secret nooks, quirky side streets and a busy water thoroughfare, it is no wonder the entire city is named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There is so much to do and see in Venice that you would be hard pressed to experience it all in just a couple of days. One of the first things you will notice is the lack of vehicles and, indeed, the city is best traversed on foot or by water taxi. The art of the city is extremely noteworthy: home to the ‘Venetian school’ of Renaissance art, it also has a modern outlet in the Guggenheim Museum. Other attractions include some amazing churches, squares, and the lovely island of Murano, home of the famous Murano Glass.


If you down a bit farther south than many tourists enjoy travelling, Italy holds fast to many ancient secrets. One of these gems is the city of Naples while it’s a well-known city, it’s often missed on an itinerary touring the country – but it certainly should not be!

Naples is believed to be one of the oldest, continually inhabited cities in the world. With a historic centre the largest of anywhere in Europe, you will have no problem finding plenty to do, see and eat. Having long been one of the centres of art and education in the country (and in Europe), you could spend many days exploring the fabulous museums and galleries. When it comes time to dine, you won’t be disappointed either – Naples is the traditional home of the pizza! Pop into one of the many pizza shops and sample the famous Margherita – the city’s specialty.