Features to Look for in a Leather Duffel Bag

Leather duffel bags have a fascinating history; nowadays, they are often used to carry clothing and other stuff. A leather duffel comes with various features unlike common luggage bags. This guide will help you choose the best leather duffel bag with ease.

Types of Modern Duffel Bags

Modern duffel bags are the best choice if you want to use them for gym trips or long vacations. For choosing the right “type” of bag, we recommend that you check a couple of bags for some handy features based on your needs. Below are some features you should look for in a bag.

Leather Duffels with Wheels or Straps

You may want a bag with wheels or shoulder straps. This will depend on where you will take the bag and what you will put in it. Go for one with fabric handles or shoulder straps if you want to just carry small items, such as clothes and basic toiletries. Go for one with wheels should you want to put books, clothes and heavy items in the bag.

Fabric Choices

Duffel bags are made out of different types of fabrics, such as leather, suede, nylon and canvas, to name a few. For travel and business trips, choosing a leather bag is a great idea as these bags look professional. If you need one for your trips to the gym, go for one that is made of material that is antimicrobial, easy to wash and repels the odors.

Closure Systems

Today, leather duffels come with multiple pockets for better organization. You may go for a zipper bag, but keep in mind that not all zipper bags are the same. Some are large and some are small. Choose a big one that has a pull tab so you can manipulate it with one hand.

Other Important Considerations to make:


The durability of a leather bag is based on its seams. Unlike suitcases, duffels don’t feature an internal frame for holding the contents inside. So, the quality of the seams dictates how much weight the bag can carry. Make sure all zipper and seams are taped and all external seams are surrounded by a piping. The sign of best seams is that they are lock-stitched.


A high quality duffel bag will have more capacity. If you are looking for a big with a good deal of capacity, make sure it has side pockets, expansion zippers, and hidden organizers.

To cut a long story short, review your needs along with the above features before you choose to buy a certain leather duffel bag. Hope this helps.