Add More Exotic Thrills to Your Vacation With a Myanmar Holiday

If you’re already thinking of visiting Southeast Asia, you probably originally had your eyes set on Hongkong, Singapore or Thailand. While these destinations are awesome in their own right, if you want to truly add an exotic adventure into the mix, you need to stop by Myanmar. In other words you need to include Myanmar holiday into your overall holiday plan. Let’s face it. Singapore and Hong Kong are very cosmopolitan countries. They have all the modern amenities that you can get from modern American or European cities. In fact, certain parts of Hong Kong or Singapore would feel like you never left your home country. You can surely enjoy some great dim sum and some original cuisine in there but in terms of the overall essence of the country, it sometimes would feel like you never left the United States or Europe. If you are really looking for a strange, unfamiliar, exotic and adventurous you may need to mix it up a bit by adding a Myanmar holiday to your itinerary as you swing through Southeast Asia.

It Doesn’t Get Any More Exotic Than Mandalay

The cultural heart of Myanmar is Mandalay so even if you land in Yangon, the capital, and think that it’s just like any other Southeast Asian capital cities, once you get to Mandalay, you would know that your trip to Myanmar is more than worth it. If you are looking to step out of the ordinary and really stare face to face at the unfamiliar and majestic, Mandalay is it. Mandalay is the precolonial era capital of Myanmar. As a result, there are many buildings, streets and even cultural elements that harken back to a pre-Birtish and a pre-Western way of life. It’s like walking through a living museum. It’s an amazing peek into a truly exotic culture.

Bask in the Historical Mystique of Bagan

The Bagan plain and the city of Bagan is truly a sight to behold. It can really capture your imagination because this was the capital city of Myanmar when Myanmar was a regional geopolitical player in Southeast Asia. Bagan is a witness to the past glory of Burma when it was one of the largest kingdoms in this region of the world. Bagan is also the pilgrimage capital of Myanmar because of its many temple complexes and religious structures. If you are going to add a little exoticism to your Southeast Asia travel adventure by stopping at Myanmar, definitely stop by Bagan because it will make your trip worth it.

Enjoy the Familiar by Exploring the Unfamiliar on Your Myanmar Holiday

While traveling through Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore can give you slight peaks at the unfamiliar and a taste of the exotic, if you want to truly go all in and go completely exotic adventure, you need to include a Myanmar holiday into your Southeast Asian itinerary. It’s definitely worth the time, effort and expense because Myanmar is a recently reopened country and you’ll get to enjoy an exotic travel adventure through a relatively pristine, unsaturated and definitely uncommercialized country. It doesn’t get any purer when it comes t Southeast Asian travel than Myanmar.