Holiday Worries

When we first plan a holiday it all seems so far away. It is possibly November and we are booking for the following July or August, and you have a nice warm glow knowing you have a great time to look forward to.

It is when it comes round to May that the slight worries begin to creep in, and all too easily they can end in last minute panics if we aren’t careful. When I use the word panic exactly what is it we panic about?

In the beginning it is probably the hotel, and have we chosen wisely. Then there is the resort, the environment of the place will it be right for our family. All this can be easily eliminated by doing your homework in the first place. Check, double check, and triple check before you book the hotel. Go online and check out the Tripadvisors’ of this world, in fact any website that has reports on the hotel and the resort. Do take with a pinch of salt some of the reviews because there are some weird folk writing reports, and believe it or not, they may never even have stayed where you are going. The best advice is to ignore the best and the worst, only being persuaded if they are all bad!!

Do your homework about the resort, because the hotel might appear to be what you are looking for, but do a thorough check through Google and get all the information that you can. You can get some interesting results by keying in the name of the resort, and adding the words, good, bad, ugly clicking return and seeing what comes up.

Quite honestly if you have done both of these things you should have nothing to worry about. If you still had concerns then perhaps you could even have asked your travel agent whether they would be prepared to put you in touch with other people who have booked your hotel, or even just the resort. If they will, then you may be able to ask them. Just remember your own personal circumstances, your family, and before you take someone elses judgement make a decision as to how much you have in common with them.

I don’t know what you are like as a family, but one part of my research would be to find out which airlines fly to the resort, or the nearest airport. If there are only the lower priced, no frills airlines, then you must ask yourself about the kind of people you are likely to encounter when you are there.

I hope this brief article will have helped you to eliminate one of the worries that we tend to inflict upon ourselves if we have not done our research before booking our holiday.